Certified Student Loan Advisors (CSLA) Board of Standards

The Certified Student Loan Advisors Board of Standards (CSLA Board) is a not-for-profit organization recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

The CSLA Board of Standards mission is to serve the public interest by reducing the long-term financial effects of student debt. To this end, the CSLA Board issues and monitors the Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP) designation. The CSLA Board is not primarily engaged in the business of instruction in sales or marketing.

The CSLA Board of Standards establishes licensure, education, and competency standards for the CSLP designation to ensure that those holding the designation are financial professionals who demonstrate and maintain the specialized knowledge regarding student loan rules and procedures necessary to serve the best interests of student loan borrowers.

Competency of Designees

The CSLP designation may only be used by those who have in fact earned the designation and are otherwise eligible to use the designation according to the specific standards and procedures set by the CSLA Board for assuring the competency of its designees. Requirements include licensure, education, examination, and continuing education:

  1. The CSLP designation is limited to those who hold a license in a regulated financial services industry and have either two years of industry experience in financial services or have obtained a minimum education level of a bachelor's degree in business or finance from an accredited college or university.
  2. Candidates must complete a comprehensive student loan course administered by the CSLA Board of Standards. The core course consists of more than 35 lectures with specific learning outcomes, supplemental reading materials, quizzes, and case studies. The self-paced course is usually completed within a 6-month period. The course is offered in partnership with Humboldt State University for two college-level business credits transferable to any California State University school.
  3. Candidates must score a 70% or higher on the CSLA Board of Standards Certified Student Loan Professional certification exam. The exam is time limited and proctored. Successful completion demands a depth of knowledge and application of student loan repayment rules that ensures all those holding the CSLP designation have mastered the material and can incorporate student loan repayment strategies into tax and financial plans.

Monitoring of Designees

The CSLA Board requires those using the CSLP designation to comply with all applicable rules, laws, regulations, and ethical principles including, but not limited to, state regulations regarding the use of professional designations by registered representatives and investment advisor representatives. Designees are required to immediately report any criminal or disciplinary actions to the CSLA Board. The CSLA Board monitors its designees for improper or unethical conduct.

Discipling of Designees

The CSLA Board prominently displays an online complaint submission form for consumers with concerns to report. Complaints are promptly investigated by officers of the CSLA Board and may lead to revocation of the designation.

Continuing Education Requirements

The CSLA Board sets continuing education requirements for its designees to maintain the designation. CSLP designees are required to take complete continuing education courses and competency examinations annually.