Posted Jan 18


Course Updates

The team has been working overtime to create many course content updates which includes refreshing existing modules with a new interface and adding new topics. These new courses are a powerful addition to the certification program. New and enhanced modules include:

  • The Advising Process - how to establish a comprehensive framework to efficiently work with clients through the discovery, evaluation, and recommendation phases.
  • Federal Loan Discharge - a completely new module on available options and the process covering situations such as fraud, school closings, death and disability.
  • Payment postponement of Federal Loans - an updated module on dealing with deferrals, forebearance, how to prepare your client and working with the servicers.
  • Calculating payments for Income Driven Repayment plans - One of the more complex processes, this module explains the keys to accurate calculation with examples.
  • Student Loan Defaults - How to help your clients when they default; advising clients on dealing with collections; how to rehabilitate loans; consolidations.
  • 5+ Case Studies - These are actual cases of clients in a variety of authentic situations encompassing high debt associated with advanced education and different professions.
  • Advising couples with student loans - A new module addressing the impacts of married couples where one or both have loans and how to construct the ideal strategy for repayment.
  • Home loans and student loans - Student loans impact a borrower's ability to purchase real estate. 
  • Income driven repayment and advising - This is an extensive module with over an hour of lecture material on how to advise and compare strategies.
  • Plus many other module updates

New LMS (Learning Management System)

All courses and associated resources will be delivered through the new LMS beginning in January 2018. Many new features will enhance the participant's learning experience. The new system includes:

  • A new personal learning portal to track your progress, maintain your learning calendar, and manage your certification process.
  • Addition of supplemental documents for each course. This includes relevant web links, documents, news articles, and worksheets included in each course module for easy access and reference.
  • News feed provides timely updates on relevant information about the course, student loan advising in general, and industry updates. All delivered directly to your learning portal.
  • Knowledge checks at each course module allow you to assess comprehension of the material. This helps you pinpoint areas for review.
  • Single Sign On capability so you can use your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn login credentials. (Coming)
  • Course progress notifications help you stay on track to complete the material in a timely manner.