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Certificate in Student Loan Planning 100

Jantz Hoffman
Enrollment for this course is currently closed.


Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction to the course and instructors

Learn what to expect from the 100 level course and get to know your instructors, Jantz and Heather.

2. Why is student debt such a big deal?

Increased costs and decreased investment have created a debt-based system of access to education.

3. The cost of borrowing

Understanding the costs of borrowing: principal, interest and fees.

4. Debt and student loans

Defining debt, loan terminology, and a brief history of student loans.

5. Which student loans are which and why it matters

Student loan borrowers have many different types of student loans.

6. Income-driven repayment plans

Federal student loan repayment plans include several distinct income-driven plans.

7. Consolidation and refinancing

Student loan borrowers must weigh the costs and benefits of consolidating into a federal consolidation loan or refinancing with a private lender.

8. Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Borrowers in public service careers can earn generous forgiveness but the requirements are tricky.

9. EXAM 100 - Student Loan Planning 100

Study guide and 50 question multiple choice comprehensive final exam for Student Loan Planning 100.

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