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Certificate in Student Loan Planning 300

Jantz Hoffman
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Here is the course outline:

1. CSLP 300 course overview

The cslp 300 course will teach tax and financial topics that integrate with student loan repayment (employee benefits). Students are expected to know loan types, programs repayment terms and how IDR plans work

2. Tax Considerations: credits - deductions and taxation

Overview of tax considerations that can affect student loan repayment advice

3. Tax Considerations - Community Property States

Tax filing considerations for borrowers in community property states

4. Tax Considerations - Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

How the sweeping tax legislation changed the tax treatment of student loans

5. Student Loan & Home Purchases

6. Overview of Employee Student Loan Benefits

7. IDR & Direct Consolidation Forms

How to complete IDR forms

8. Financial Planning & Student Debt - Retirement

pre-tax contributions tax filing status and IDR, how to advice clients with student debt.

9. Financial Planning & Student Debt - Insurance

Review of risk associated with student loans and use of insurance products to transfer that risk

10. Financial Planning & Student Debt - Business entities

This lesson discusses the challenges student loan borrowers face when desiring to start a business. The lesson will cover the business entities available and how they affect student loan repayment

11. Best practices for dealing with servicers

how to advice clients of servicer issues and assist them with working with their servicers.

12. Profession Specific - Teachers

13. Profession Specific - Medical Doctors

14. Profession Specific - Dentists

15. Profession Specific - Attorneys

16. Profession Specific - Nurses

17. CSLP 300 examination

This is the final exam for the CSLP 300 course

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