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CSLP 400 Certificate in Student Loan Planning

Jantz Hoffman
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Case Study Analysis

Part 4 of 4 of the CSLP Program

Capstone - Sarah
Capstone - Jackson
Capstone - Casillas
Capstone - Lin
Capstone - Daniel
Capstone - Jimmy
Practice Exam


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Here is the course outline:

1. CSLP 400 Course Overview

Capstone lectures. Application of concepts in CSLP 100, 200, and 300 applied to real life case studies.

2. Capstone Sarah

Capstone #1 - case study

3. Capstone Jackson

Jackson is a married school teacher with student debt.

4. Capstone Casillas Family

This lecture covers the complexities that exist when providing advice to married borrowers living in community property states.

5. Capstone Lin

Lin is an RN with both private and federal student debt. She has an employer sponsored student loan contribution plan

6. Capstone Daniel

Daniel is a parent borrower that is trying to navigate repaying the debt for his kids, running a business and making the final push for retirement.

7. Capstone Jimmy

Jimmy is a business major that would like to start his own business one day.

8. CSLP 400 Final Exam Prep

This lecture will provide you with details about the CSLP 400 exam. The CSLP 400 exam is your final and most comprehensive exam in the Certificate in Student Loan Planning. The lecture will give you an idea of how the exam is structured and what types subject topics you will be expected to have mastered.

9. CSLP 400 Practice Exam

This is set of practice questions to get you familiar and experience wit the types of questions you will be required to answer on the final exam.

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